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We pride ourselves on providing your organization, business or event with the highest quality security professionals in the industry. Our rigorous screening and impeccable training ensures that you will have someone who can handle all of your security needs

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"CentraDefense is the best security company we’ve worked with.” - Nathan Lieberum, Operations Manager

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During every stage of a construction project - from groundbreaking to ribbon cutting - we can protect access to the structures, materials, and site. Expensive materials, sensitive documents or site details, and high value equipment are just a few enticing aspects for job site thieves and vandals. Additionally, delicate or dangerous site environments are important to keep secure for the safety of others and the security of the site.

Regardless of the site, or its stage of development, CentraDefense is committed to keeping your construction site totally protected at all times. Our construction site security service can be customized to fit your needs, ensuring that theft and vandalism are prevented both during and after business hours.

Construction site security throughout company hours:

  • Make sure only authorized personnel or visitors enter the site
  • Inspect automobiles going into or going out the site
  • Screen video surveillance equipment and react to alarms properly

Construction security outside business hours:

  • Regular, staggered patrols of the exterior fence
  • Routine, staggered patrols of the interior of the site
  • Display video surveillance devices and respond to alarms appropriately
  • Monitor all points of entry
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