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We pride ourselves on providing your organization, business or event with the highest quality security professionals in the industry. Our rigorous screening and impeccable training ensures that you will have someone who can handle all of your security needs

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“CentraDefense is the best security company we’ve worked with.” - Nathan Lieberum, Operations Manager of NightLight 614

NightLight 614

NightLight 614 is a popular outdoor movie venue located in Columbus. Each event features an outdoor showing of a classic movie from the recent past, craft beer & wine from a different local Ohio brewery, and a lineup of Columbus’ best food trucks.

Client Issue

The event organizers contracted a national security services firm that was not fulfilling their obligations and not sending enough officers to cover the site, which included access control at gates, perimeter security, overnight security, access prevention. The national firm underdelivered by only sending 3 security officers to the NightLIght 614 event which routinely draws large crowds.

CentraDefense Solution

An assessment of the event space and of previous events revealed the need for more uniformed security officers and an improved attention to detail. We addressed that need by providing five security offers for the two day event over a busy Labor Day weekend. Our team of five was in charge of:

  • Handling access control at all entry points
  • Searching bags as needed upon entry
  • Providing perimeter security
  • Providing access prevention as needed

Client Results and Feedback

Upon exhibiting our expertise and commitment to the task at hand, NightLight 614 hired us on for 7 additional events, and then graciously shared with us the following: “We hired CentraDefense to fill in for one event on a trial basis. By the end of that night we hired them for our remaining events for the year. Immediately I could tell that Randall and CentraDefense took their business seriously and the employees were well motivated and seemed to enjoy working for CentraDefense. The professionalism was leaps and bounds ahead of our previous provider. Cost for CentraDefense services are higher than our previous provider, which can be difficult as events operate on thin margins. But CentraDefense was able to work with us to keep the costs under control and due to reliable, professional security personnel that showed up, we were able to reduce the number of staff required to help make up for the cost difference. CentraDefense is the best security company we’ve worked with.” - Nathan Lieberum, Operations Manager

Columbus-Based Coatings Manufacturer

When a disastrous and tragic accident struck a locally-owned and operated coatings manufacturer based in Columbus, we were particularly proud to be able to help.

Client Issue

In the Spring of 2021 an explosion and second alarm fire occurred just after midnight at a Columbus paint factory. Firefighters, hazmat crews, and a crew from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency were all on the scene of the fire, which caused extensive damage and burning of potentially hazardous chemicals and polymers. After the dust settled, the factory had to be torn down and rebuilt amid compromised security and fencing.

CentraDefense Solution

On day 1 of the rebuilding efforts, and due to fences being down, Centra provided 5 officers for perimeter security on an overnight shift. By day 2, the client’s existing security provider was unable to provide extra security to the site, and our contract was extended to two weeks, for which we provided 6 officers a day for fire watch, on-site, 24 hours a day. At the end of the two week period, the contract was extended to a total of 32 days of constant security.

Client Results and Feedback

From the client: “CentraDefense brought their expertise and executed our Fire Watch plan and also helped us to deal with the many visitors and contractors that converged on the site. The CentraDefense crew is a class act. They never missed a shift and never missed anything that needed to be done. We often gave them short notice and added or removed requirements and they were extremely flexible and easy to work with. It gave all of us comfort that most of them were veterans, off duty officers, or paramedics. Very knowledgeable and trustworthy security contractor.

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