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We pride ourselves on providing your organization, business or event with the highest quality security professionals in the industry. Our rigorous screening and impeccable training ensures that you will have someone who can handle all of your security needs

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Warehousing in Central Ohio has been growing exponentially in the last two decades, with even more real estate development and investments expected to come. As with any expansive growth in a market, faults and inefficiencies create opportunities for prospective criminals– and warehousing is no different.

CentraDefense has the experience and training to ensure your warehouses and assets maintain a consistent level of security throughout day-to-day operations. By preventing trespassing, theft and vandalism, we keep your on-site assets secure. And with timely, accurate reports on unusual activity, our security professionals can stop criminal activity before it affects your bottom line.

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Headquartered in Licking County, CentraDefense specializes in providing professional, experienced security personnel across Central Ohio